Strategic Planning

PiC uses our acclaimed participative planning and search conference methodology to help organizations identify their most desirable future, and map a plan to get there. We help communities discover solutions to complex problems by bringing together leaders and citizens to plan for futures that will work. We often work with organizations to support the changes and innovations identified as stepping stones to that most desirable future.
We provide:
• Consultation throughout the strategic planning process.
• Experienced facilitators to lead search conferences for participative planning.
• Support for cascading engagement with the strategic plan throughout the organization.

Process Improvement

The better your processes, the better your results. We help identify where processes can be improved and ways to improve them. PiC uses a systems approach to performance analysis and improvement. We view each process as part of a whole, keeping an eye on how issues impact the entire organization. This approach helps mitigate unintended consequences.
PiC helps organizations develop key performance indicators and ways to track them. This helps organizations improve performance and keeps people focused on achieving alignment with mission, vision, and results.

Change Management

As the world is constantly changing, PiC helps organizations adapt successfully in a deliberate and focused way. We emphasize nuanced stakeholder engagement, with the aim of helping to establish a robust and flexible organization that can continuously adapt to the forces impacting their sphere of operations. We can’t control the influences that force us to change, but we can control how we change.
PiC Services:

  • Using a principle-based change process to ease growing pains.
  • Soup to nuts: Planning though implementation and sustainability.
  • Support for large complex change initiatives and smaller, more focused endeavors.
  • Capacity building for continued health and prosperity.

Organizational Design

The configuration of any entity can have a deep impact on how it performs. We facilitate a participitive approach to designing satisfying and effective structures for your organization.