Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategy is all about planning. It’s about creating a clear purpose, new direction, desirable future and concrete action plans to make sure your system thrives in today’s fast changing world. We use the search conference methodology to bring people from the system together to create a plan for their system’s future, a plan they will carry out themselves. 

We help organizations of all types and sizes develop strategies for their desirable future. Participative planning can be done at any level—corporate strategic planning, the most desirable future of a division or department, the future of an industry, network, or partnership, or planning for a merger or alliance.

We also help communities discover solutions to complex problems by bringing together leaders and citizens to plan for futures that will work. We have consulted on a wide range of community and regional issues including mental health, juvenile crime, social services, and environmental protection.

Once the plan is created and implementation begins, we often work with organizations to support the changes and innovations. Engaging others throughout the organization with the goals and plans to implement them is one way to enhance sustainability of the plans. Bringing teams working on the new strategies together periodically can be a useful way to encourage collaboration across boundaries, effective resource use, and celebrate and communicate successes.

We provide:

  • Consultation throughout the strategic planning process.
  • Experienced facilitators to lead search conferences for participative planning.
  • Support for cascading engagement with the strategic plan throughout the organization.