About our SERVICES:

People in Charge (PiC) provides consulting to organizations and communities in participative planning, design, and learning. We work with clients in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to custom-design interventions, processes and methodologies to best suit the needs of the people in their organization. . PiC brings experts, leaders, stakeholders, and citizens together to better understand complex issues/problems and create pragmatic solutions. It’s about partnership.

We call the kind of planning, design and learning we do ‘participative’. Participation is important for several reasons. First, bringing together people who know the system ensures a better result. Second, having people from different parts of a system participate in planning its future and designing its structure increases the likelihood they will be fully committed and eager to implement new strategies, change efforts and structures. Engaging people through participation mitigates the need to get buy-in – when people feel that they contributed to a new endeavor, they are more likely to work to implement and sustain it.

Our SERVICES include: 

Enhancing Performance through Organizational Development

We believe every system, whether an organization or a community, faces some fundamental challenges: what strategies will the system create for its future; how will it structure itself for increased effectiveness; how will it adopt, implement, and sustain innovations; what are the best strategies for improving organizational performance; how can it change its culture to be more effective? 

Good cooks use principles; they don’t need recipes.                      – Julia Child

PiC bases its work on principles, including but not limited to: 

  • A systems-approach encourages organizations to pay attention to all aspects of their internal operations, internal and external stakeholders, and business environment.
  • Collaboration and partnership with clients is critical.
  • Ethics and integrity are essential.
  • Social justice in the workplace: contributing to equitable policies, principles and practices in organizations and communities.
  • People want to be involved in planning their future at work.
  • Locate responsibility and accountability for the work at the level the work is done.
  • Capacity building – training staff members in the activities we provide – is important for enhancing organizational learning and development.
  • Senior-level, experienced, and qualified consultants provide high quality client services.

Change Management   

What if we were to manage change adaptively rather than feeling like change is managing us. More"

Strategic Planning

Strategy is all about planning. It’s about creating a clear purpose, new direction, desirable future and concrete action plans to make sure your system thrives in today’s fast changing world. We use the search conference methodology to bring people from the system together to create a plan for their system’s future, a plan they will carry out themselves. More"

Organizational Design    

Most organizations are designed to achieve the results that they are getting. When the results aren’t what you want, organizational design and structure warrant a review. More"

Performance and Process Improvement   

Imagine an organization where the culture is healthy and performance-focused; client/customer services are stellar; employees are satisfied and productive; and leaders are responsive, ethical, and good communicators. More"

Enhancing Organizational Learning through Training and Development

Learning makes positive change possible and achievable. PiC bases training on the systems-approach and adult learning principles to ensure that people, and organizations, feel that the training is useful and valuable. We work with clients to provide training design and delivery that best meets their needs and requirements.

We want to make sure that our training is a part of a comprehensive strategy to provide professional development AND move the organization on the path to achieve its mission, support its strategic plan and achieve higher performance.

Training can be offered in multiple formats – classroom, on-line course work and web-based conferencing. Follow up sessions, coaching and mentoring can enhance the lessons learned and increase the return on investment of the training.

PiC provides training for front line staff, supervisors, leaders, internal consultants and board members. For organizations wanting to build their training staff’s capacity, train the trainer workshops can be taught for the training topics below.

    Training Areas

Change Management

Sample Topics:

      • Understanding (and Changing) Organizational Climate and Culture
      • Using a Systems-Approach to Change Management


Sample Topics:

      • Enhancing Communications Skills
      • Developing a Comprehensive Communications Plan


Sample Topics:

      • Introduction to Behavioral Ethics in the Workplace
      • Ethical Decision Making
      • Designing and Implementing a Comprehensive Ethics Program
Leadership Development

Sample Topics:

      • Leading Change
      • Systems-Approach for Effective Decision Making
      • Transformational Leadership Principles and Practice
      • Understanding and Using Power Effectively
Motivational Interviewing

Sample Topics:

      • Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
      • Motivational Interviewing for Supervisors and Managers
Non Profit Boards and Leadership

Sample Topics:

      • Increasing Effectiveness through Board Development
      • Systems-Approach for Effective Decision Making

Other Services


PiC provides experienced consultants when organizations need an outside third-party facilitator for meetings and interventions.


PiC has a number of consultants available to speak at meetings, conferences and events. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance Enhancement and Improvement
  • Systems-approach to Decision making
  • Business Ethics
  • Ethical Decision making

Writing and Editing

PiC has experience in writing and editing for a number of client organizations. We work closely with the internal project managers so that the results of our work meet their needs and provide high quality results.