Our PRODUCTS include:

On-line Learning Courses

Distance/on-line learning is one way to maximize professional development and minimize people’s travel and time out of the agency/office. The courses are designed to be taken as a stand-alone training or can be used in a blended training format with follow-up sessions with one of our trainers or coaching for organizational trainers and/or supervisors.

People in Charge (PiC) designs online courses and works with the Van Education Center (VanEd) to provide the course delivery. VanEd is a distance learning center that presents online courses designed to let students control the pace and sequence of the course to suit their individual needs. When you take a People in Charge course, you will be directed to the VanEd website where you will enroll, pay tuition, and work your way through the course. For organizations wanting to purchase multiple accesses to courses, contact People in Charge to discuss the terms and the process for people to take specific courses.

Ethics 101: Introduction to Ethics in Corrections: A Behavioral Perspective


Ethics 101 is focused on presenting ethical issues to the people who work in corrections. Some ethical issues are generic to any workplace; others are very specific to the field of corrections. The issues presented in this course reflect those found in institutions (jails, prisons, community halfway houses, etc.) to community supervision (probation, parole, etc.). Click here for more detailed information about Ethics 101.

Are you ready to enhance your ethical reasoning and decision making skills?  If you are, here is how you can get started:

  • If you have a tracking code provided to you by your employer or People in Charge, please enter it below.
  • If you have not been provided a tracking code, please simply leave it blank.
Tracking Code:

  • Set up an account for taking courses by following the instructions. This will allow you to take the course, stop if you need to, come back to the place where you left off, and continue to work on the course.
  • If your workplace has given you a code for taking Ethics 101, when asked for the payment code, input the code your trainer or supervisor gave you.
  • If you do not have a payment code, have a credit card ready.
  • Once you have completed the course, you will be able to download a certificate and give that to your trainer or supervisor as proof of completion.
  • You will be able to access your completion certificate as long as your account is active.

Collaborative on-line learning design and development

People in Charge consultants work together with clients to develop on-line learning courses that are custom-designed to meet organizational needs. Contact Nancy at 303.499.1607 or email for more information.



FTW Cover.tifFutures That Work, Using Search Conferences to Revitalize Companies, Communities, and Organizations is all about planning strategically using the search conference methodology – a practical way to build communities of people who want to make positive change happen for their organization or community.  The result is engagement, learning, and energy for implementing sustainable solutions.

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People_in_Charge.jpgPeople in Charge: Creating Self Managing Workplaces by Robert Rehm.  This book is a practical guide you can use to design your workplace to be team-based.   It includes real-life stories from a variety of organizations—Land Bank of South Africa, Prudential Assurance Company UK, U.S. Court system, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Southcorp Winery of Australia, Do It All Stores in the UK, and more.

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