Performance and Process

Performance and Process Improvement   

Imagine an organization where the culture is healthy and performance-focused; client/customer services are stellar; employees are satisfied and productive; and leaders are responsive, ethical, and good communicators.

PiC works with organizations to enhance their performance by integrating change management, process improvement, a systems-approach and communications. Improving organizational performance requires a systems-approach. Looking at all aspects of an organization systemically can mitigate unintended consequences. This requires looking at how an issue or problem affects every part organization – and key stakeholders.  

Today’s business/operational processes can seem overwhelming complex. One way to ease this complexity is to identify and focus on a few key processes in the beginning of an improvement effort. As the organization builds capacity for process improvement, staff are able to review and improve other processes using internal resources. A person’s performance is only as good as the processes they use allow. When people use effective processes, their performance is more likely to be successful.

Savvy leaders know that high quality performance measurements are critical to successful operations. What is measured can be managed effectively. PiC helps organizations develop key performance indicators and measurement and analysis processes to track them, communicate results and share successes. This helps organizations improve performance and keeps people focused on achieving alignment with mission, vision, and results.

PiC consultants work with organizations to identify ways to organize, coordinate, review, manage and improve key processes and their measurements. This can help ensure that what the processes are giving you the outputs and results that you want. We will help you find discrepancies between what you want to get and what you do get. And we will work with you so that the redesigned processes will get you the results you expect.

We provide:

  • Consultation for a systems-approach to performance analysis and improvement.
  • Facilitation for process mapping, review and improvement.
  • Assistance in developing key performance indicators.