Ethics 101

Ethics 101

Introduction to Ethics in Corrections: A Behavioral Perspective


Ethics 101 is focused on presenting ethical issues to the people who work in corrections. Some ethical issues are generic to any workplace; others are very specific to the field of corrections. The issues presented in this course reflect those found in institutions (jails, prisons, community halfway houses, etc.) to community supervision (probation, parole, etc.).

Safety and security are extremely important concepts in corrections. Ethical behavior can have an effect on safety and security through the development of an organizational culture that values ‘doing the right thing’. This can lead to  a work environment where people go beyond simply complying with rules, regulations, and ethics codes to one where they behave honestly, are responsible and accountable, treat others with fairness and respect, as well as compassion.

This course is designed to be behaviorally focused. It is not just about compliance. Compliance, while a very important concept, is a minimalist approach to the critical issue of ethics in the correctional environment. This course will provide learnings and guidance to go beyond compliance into the often murky realm of human behavior.

RoadSignDecisionMaking.jpgThis course builds on what people are doing right! It is strengths-based, corrections-focused, and asks people to think about how they would react to certain ethical dilemmas, as well as make decisions that are ethically based. 

Ethics 101—Introduction to Ethics in Corrections: A Behavioral Perspective is offered through a joint venture between People in Charge and VanEd, an on-line educational program.

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