Change Management

Change Management   

What if we were to manage change adaptively rather than feeling like change is managing us. 

Change – the movement from the current state to some future state. Sometimes the change is driven by an outside influence i.e. new legislation, regulations, or market opportunities or a shift in the governing body, etc. Sometimes the change is driven by an internal influence i.e. new leadership, implementation of new practices, performance improvement, etc.

When change is necessary, using a principle-based change process can ease the transition from current state to future and ensure that, as much as possible, people are engaged, strategies are developed to deal with barriers to the change process, and the change is managed by the organization – the organization is not managed by the change. When it all comes together, change efforts are implemented successfully and sustained.

A key piece of successful change management is the implementation and sustainability of the innovations and new ways of doing business. PiC offers consulting services to help organizations manage change in a planful and focused way, with an emphasis on engaging staff and stakeholdersimplementing effectivelyand sustaining the changes.

We provide:

  • Consultation from initial planning though implementation and sustainability.
  • Support for large complex change initiatives and smaller, more focused endeavors.
  • Capacity building – working with internal consultants who learn as we work together.
  • Follow up as necessary.