Instructional Design

Soup-to-Nuts Training. We offer individualized packages which include training needs assessment and evaluation, e-Learning options, curriculum design, live training events, or any variation thereof. Our expertise, background, and playfulness will create an exceptional learning experience.

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Organizational Development

Through participative design, PIC assists in creating more agile and effective workplaces benefiting customers, clients, and employees alike.

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Leadership Training

Take a LEAP with PIC’s unique approach to leadership training. We help develop Lively, Empathetic, Agile, and Productive individuals and organizations.

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PiC is a consulting group that is dedicated to helping workplaces and communities become more effective through the participation of their people. Our team is committed to manifesting and creating a playful, caring, and responsive environment. We try to model these qualities, and bring them to life with every endeavor.

And we are trying to leave the world a little better for our having passed through it.