People in Charge LLC provides consulting that can enable you to:

  • Create a clear purpose, new direction, and concrete strategies that your organization can put into practice to meet the challenges of our turbulent world
  • Move to higher performance using a strategic systems approach to changing the organizational culture, with an emphasis on implementation and sustainability of innovations
  • Design your organization into a team-based workplace to increase organizational effectiveness and productivity, and increase job satisfaction
  • Enhance organizational learning and professional development opportunities through custom-designed training classes and e-learning courses
  • Discover solutions to complex community problems—social services, environment, health, education—by bringing together leaders, stakeholders, and citizens to find their common ground future

In partnership with the National Institute of Corrections, People in Charge consultants have been working on the APEX (Achieving Performance Excellence in Corrections) Initiative.

For more information, contact Nancy Cebula or click on the book cover or go to www.nicic.gov/apex.

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